[3830] N4VI August CW NAQP SO

Chris Adams n4vi at diac.com
Sun Aug 2 23:47:29 EDT 1998


    Contest Dates : 01-Aug-98, 02-Aug-98

    Callsign Used : N4VI
         Operator : N4VI

         Category : Single Op

 Default Exchange : Chris CO

             Name : Chris Adams
          Address : 8494 Stoneridge Terrace
   City/State/Zip : Boulder, CO 80302-9355
          Country : United States

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults     Antennas

  160CW        1           1          1       1         ha-ha! 
   80CW       45          45         45      26        inverted vee
   40CW      141         140        140      42 	w8jk @ 20-30'
   20CW      126         126        126      38 	Cushcraft D-3 dipole @
   15CW       72          71         70      27         "              "
   10CW        1           1          1       1         "              "

 Totals      386         384        383     135 

    Final Score = 51705 points.

Rig:  TS-870 w/mods
Logging:  TR v6.29

Started off at better then 60/hr rate on 15m and had a run going when
I decided to QRT due to local thunderstorms 47 minutes into the contest.
Restarted over an hour later and alternated between 15 and 20m.  Quickly 
discovered RF in the computer keying circuit on 20m only.  Spent about 
15 minutes trying to fix that and decided to do it the old fashioned

Right after my weather imposed break K0RF moved me up to 10m.  That was
my only 10m qso although I did check from time to time, just wasn't
anything (or very little) to be heard.

Went down to 40m around 0130z and never returned to upper bands.  40 was
hopping and I could S&P easly at rates > 60/hr.  Got a few decent runs
40m but it was always work.  Tried 80m around 0300z but quickly
it back to 40m after a few Q's.  Switched between 80 and 40 the rest of 
the contest with one trip to 160m for a line of sight QSO with K0RF, 
loading up my 40m w8jk on 160m (that TS-870s tuner does micraculous 


1.  Best effort in August version of contest.  Hopefully can say that
in two weeks.

2.  Need something (antenna) for 160m and better "somethings" on the
other bands as well!  ;-)

3.  Just one heck of a fun contest!  Names like Sluggo and Cajun...  and
work a # of yl's.  I remember a Beth and Lora and know there were more.  

4.  Speaking of names, I need to change mine for the phone contest. 
Chris is definitely
a challenging phone name.  ... besides trying to figure out if it's
Cliff or Chris, it's
how the heck do you spell chris to begin with (although I doubt NCJ is
particular about
it in this case).  I get real tired of saying "Chris as in Christopher"
or "Charlie, Hotel
Roger, Ida, Sierra".  Feel free to send suggestions. 

Barring unforseen incidents, see everyone in 2 weeks.

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