[3830] W4ZW NAQP CW 98 SO Score

Jon, W4ZW w4zw at home.com
Sun Aug 2 15:07:03 EDT 1998

      Call used: W4ZW           Location: FL
     Category: Single Op All Band    Mode:   CW    Power: 100W
     Callsign of Operator: W4ZW  
     If multi-operator, show calls of all operators and loggers:
      Exchanged Information: W4ZW JON FL 
      Hours of Operation: 03:27
     band      QSOs      points    mults	Antenna
	160         0           0       0	None
      80         25          25      13	Windom strung across coconut palms
      40        112         112      40	402CD
      20         73          73      33	A4S
      15          8           8       6	 "
      10          0           0       0	 "
     TOTAL      218         218      92      

		SCORE: 20,056
     Club or Team Name: Florida Contest Group       
 				(Team #3)

Equipment:	FT-1000MP
     Comments: Ran out and laid my 80M Windom across the tops of
several coconut palms between the house and the beach just 
after a terrible storm. Was able to match it but terrible RF
in the shack.  Could only run 25W on 80M without tripping 
the PC and keyboard.  Part-time effort, part-time score but
great fun.  Surprise was a 9V8 calling me on 20CW.
Jon Hamlet, W4ZW
Casey Key Island, Florida

"A little bit of paradise in the Gulf of Mexico"

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