[3830] K4MA - NAQP CW

Jim Stevens k4ma at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 5 00:44:04 EDT 1998

   Callsign Used : K4MA
        Operator : K4MA
        Category : Single Op
         Time On : about 8 hours
Default Exchange : Jim NC

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

  160CW       26          26         26      15   160M V at 95
   80CW        9           9          9       7   160M V at 95
   40CW      100         100        100      37   40-2CD at 115
   20CW      110         110        110      36   TH-6 at 105
   15CW       58          58         58      24   TH-6 at 105
   10CW        7           7          7       4   TH-6 at 105

 Totals      310         310        310     123 

 Final Score = 38130 points.

A casual, distracted operation due to the birth of our
second child, Kelly, on late Thursday night.
Didn't get back home from the hospital with Mom
and Daughter until about the time the contest started.
If a few times I seemed even more confused on CW than
normal, it was because I was operating one handed while
holding a sleeping Kelly.  Guess I was getting her 
started with CW at a very early age :-).

It was also my first contest from my newly built, not
completed home station (and a good thing since AA4NC's
station is currently DOA due to a lightening strike).
Didn't even have time to get up an 80M antenna.  Used
the 160M V with the tuner for a few contacts.  The TH-6,
40-2CD, & 160M V seemed to work well considering the
somewhat crappy conditions.  Looking forward to giving
the station a full test drive during NAQP SSB.

Noticed that 10M was open at night again.  Moved W0DB (NE)
there at 0339, and he was S9+.  Also noticed that it is
easier to maintain concetration at AA4NC's station where
I don't have my 4 year old son asking me questions during
someone's exchange.

73, Jim Stevens, K4MA & 8P9JA

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