[3830] WAE CW 1998 - OK1RI

Jiri Sanda jirka at jimaz.cz
Fri Aug 14 21:03:24 EDT 1998


      Call: OK1RI                    Country:  Czech Republic
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator

     BAND     QSO   QTC    Cty   Mult
80      41    19     13     52
40     202   267     23     69
20     443   565     39     78
15     317   437     36     72
  10      36    43     19     38

    Totals   1039  1331    130    309 = 732,330

All reports sent were 599.

Equipment Description:
80m - 2el delta loop into "USA" + single delta loop orthogonal to this one
40m - 4 el Yagi @ 42 m full size
20m - 5 el. Yagi @ 24 m + 5 el. Yagi @ 52 m
15m - 2 * 5 el. Yagi stack @ 17/31 m
10m - 3 * 4 el. Yagi stack @ 12/20/28 m 

Remarks :  
1.It is impossible to be competitive in this contest without packet as I was. We (me + OK1RF) do not have packet in our QTH since we participate practically only as SO/ALONE cat.  We should do something with it.
	2.As expected I have selected badly the pauses.
	3.RF jam which went into the computer was this time tremendous and I could not key the TX with the computer on 40 + 20 m - I had to come to conventional paddle and....., also I could not write numbers on the main keyboard, only on num. Keypad. As CT while receiving QTC sends out "R" which could not be stopped it jamed randomly the computer and mixed the just received QTC. Due to this a lot of people must have thought I have completely forgotten the CW and become idiot. I do apologize to those.
	4.The summer operation has also its own specifica - i.e. - in our cottage you have to select if you prefer to have closed doors and windows and temperature well well over 40 deg. Celsius or open and in few minutes be surrounded by dozens of flies. In Saturday I selected the letter in Sunday the first and both .........

Considering all this I am not going to compete for top EU score but I still had a lot of fun.

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

                             Signature _________________________________


               Jiri SANDA  OK1RI
               Schnirchova 11
               170 00 Praha 7, Czech rep.

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