[3830] K5PN NAQP SSB 98 SO

Ron Chambers k5pn at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 17 07:56:40 EDT 1998

                 1998 NA QSO Party SSB

      call:   K5PN               QTH: Richardson, TX
  exchange:   Ron Texas
hours oper:   6.0 hrs

(Estimated score, didn't bring it to the office)
QSO's         Mult's          Score

385    x      120     =       46,200

Now I know why I don't like fone contests, you can't eat Blue Bell Ice 
Cream and keep working the Q's!!

Didn't think I was going to have a chance to be on the air, but did 
manage to get in there and play for a few hours. Didn't have anything 
ready for 80M and 160M so I shut down around 0430Z.

Ron K5PN

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