[3830] KQ2M 98 IARU SO High Power MIXED Unassisted

Robert L. Shohet kq2m at eci.com
Mon Aug 17 18:21:30 EDT 1998

Better late than never I guess...		

Had a lot of fun even though I started late and was never loud enough to
get good rate on SSB.  Ironic to realize that I would have done better
with a CW only log as every time I went from SSB to CW the rate picked
up!  Also guessed wrong by tuning the 80 4square for SSB only to
discover that all the activity was on CW and my low inverted V couldn't
cut it.

15 seemed so promising on Saturday and then teased us the rest of the
contest.  I can't wait for a real band opening!  Only the guys with
higher antennas were able to take advantage.

Hope that this is my last year competing with low non-rotatable wires
and lossy coax.  Lack of gain, lack of height and lack of ability to
"point and shoot" is just too much of a disadvantage.

I was pleased that with an 11 to 0 tower advantage, KE3Q @ W3LPL only
beat me be a few percent.  Things should be interesting with some
aluminum and hardline and about 10 db more gain on 10 - 40!

I really like this contest and the activity from EU and Asia is
terrific.  Guys in the US are really missing something by not
participating.  Seems like the vocal minority argument of 24 hours being
the "ideal" contest length is not compelling as the IARU has poor US
actiivty despite the the 24 hour length.

Looking forward to next year!  Thanks to all who worked me and 73!

Bob KQ2M

                      IARU HF Championship -- 1998

      Call: KQ2M  (from home)        Country:  United States
                                     Category: SOAB High Power Unassisted
                                               Mixed Mode WIRES category

      160        9       19     2.11      4      3
       80      112      342     3.05     16     13
       40      431     1761     4.09     30     21
       20      862     3712     4.31     40     27
       15      577     2541     4.40     34     23
       10       59      235     3.98      8      6

     Totals   2050     8610     4.20    132     93   

                 Score: 1,937,250 points

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:

TS940 & AL1500
TS930 & SB220


10   Inv V @ 50'
15   4L @ 30' partially rotatable on roof tripod
20   Wire 3L NE @ 50' + Wire 3L West @ 50'
40   Wire 3L NE @ 55' + Wire 4 Square + Inv. @ 40'
80   Wire Inv. L 4 Square + Inv. V @ 55'
160  2L Phased Inv L's.


Hard to believe that my score would have been better with a CW only log!  
Hopefully my last year with low non-rotatable wire antennas!  KQ2M


This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

                             Signature _________________________________

               ROBERT L. SHOHET  KQ2M
               51 SCUDDER ROAD       
               NEWTOWN, CT 06470

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