Scott Babb sbabb at lpub.com
Wed Aug 19 02:04:13 EDT 1998

1998 NCJ North American QSO Party

NAME:         Scott Babb
DATES:        15Aug98-16Aug98
MODE:         Phone
CATEGORY:     Single Operator All Band

          Valid QSOs   multipliers
   160         2            2
    80        43           21
    40        38           20
    20       115           36 
    15        58           20 
 TOTAL       256           99

  256 QSOs   x   99 Multipliers =   25344  Claimed Score 

  Icom 751A Transceiver
  Dentron MT-3000 Tuner
  Timewave DSP-599zx
  Carolina Windom 160 Special
  Cushcraft R5 vertical
  WriteLog v9.07 (now upgraded to v9.10d)

My first NAQP.  Great contest!  The 10/12 format let me spend a
little time with my family and kept me from burning out.  I ran
into several callsigns I recognized from when my daughters
operated Kids Day.

I traded in my call of 21 years (WA1VHT) for a better contest
call.  The luck of the draw got me KE1KD a couple of weeks ago.
I like it.  It did, however, take me awhile to get used to
using the new call.

I need a quieter PC monitor (10 meters was all monitor noise to
me, and 15 was nasty in several places) and antennas that have a
SWR less than 4:1 on 160 and 80 meters.  I suspect that ground 
radials and a way to get the Carolina Windom at least above the
roof of my house would help ;-)

I should have tried moving multipliers to other bands.  I didn't
even think of it.  This is really only my third contest (2 IARUs
anda little fooling around in WPX), so I guess that's the big thing
I learned on this one.  That and the need for some resonant antennas
around here and maybe a little wiring to connect up the sound-card
voice keyer in WriteLog.

73 de KE1KD,
Scott Babb

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