[3830] 5X1Z CQWWCW SOSB 15 Meter High Power summary plus story

PerssonM at wfp.or.ug PerssonM at wfp.or.ug
Tue Dec 1 19:48:55 EST 1998

5X1Z CQWWCW 1998 SOSB 15 Meter High Power

Band    QSO     Zones   Entities

15M     2855    38      139     

Total score 1.500.000

Thanks for a great contest..... It started a bit hectic for me..
My boss told me to go to Tanzania on Wednesday..... So I could see the 
contest going down the drain... However it was not time to give up

Well was there in Arusha admiring the view of mount Kilimanjaro in the 
distance (normally 1 hours flight from Kampala) and had to fly back to 
Kampala via ZANZIBAR, DAR ES SALAAM and NAIROBI... Thus the trip took 
10 hours!!! Arrived back at the house in Kampala 1 hour before the 
contest started and was then ofcourse in some kind of shape to start 
the contest.......... Well I did fall asleep but managed to get up 
early enough to have missed only a little. The mission I had been on 
had taken its toll and I did go through the contest as a Zombie but 
still managed ok... My target was to make more than 3000 QSO which I 
missed a bit .. Well including the Dupes I did it but they are 0 
pointers so can't count.

This lead to a question!

How come as a single bander I could end up with 10 % dupes... Well I 
was calling CQ so it is a problem on other peoples part..

Yes there are a number of people who do insist on paper logs, this is 
However what I can determine from the countries mostly represented the 
problem is as follows.

The guy is running CT or TR and have entered some calls several times 
and found it to be dupes or not.... Well it get tiresome and people 
tend to forget who they worked on what band.... Thus instead of 
entering the call in the computer they start answering a CQing 
station...... If they are lucky they only have to call one time and 
thus they save 1 microsecond and maybe 1 keystroke!

I have from DX-pedition habits always worked the dupes but in the end 
in the contest it became ridicoulous.... I started saying Dupe... and 
thus I get the guy off ... in some cases! Well the fact is that since 
I have already typed the callsign and the guy migh be confused... If I 
then say dupe in several cases they will insist it is not and thus I 
will have to retype the call anyway. and work the guy....

So working a dupe means a 0 point QSO in the log and telling him it is 
a dupe might disrupt a pileup too much... What to do.... Well to me it 
is obvious... make sure you ! know it is dupe by checking FIRST call. 
Do not call until you have verified it is not a dupe!

 Yes I did miss saying the call in some instances after each QSO but 
it was few times...so that is not the reason...

Regardless ,it was a great event and I definetly beat the Zone 37 SB 
15 m record... But maybe somebody else did also... This was my second 
attempt at single band operation in CQWW and it was a great 
experience... The band was very interesting as I worked 100 DXCC 
within 15 hours of operation which was a surprise.

It was difficult saying no to all friends around the world asking me 
to QSY for another band and thus multiplier... I can tell you though 
that NO ONE got me to move. This was fair for everyone....

I also feel sorry for the Caribeean station who insisted on logging me 
as 4X1Z.... Well I worked another guy from the same DXCC but he is in 
for a surprise..... I tried for several minutes to correct him but he 
had logged me and would not change.... Well what  do I do? Log him or 
not??? This is the question.... I am not clear on what the rules say 
in this case ..

1. I did everything I could to correct him but to no avail thus I did  
2. I am in his log as a busted call thus he get no points but will     
3  I put him in my log... Thus the comittee can see he is having a     
   busted call or do I remove the QSO and thus he claim an invalid QSO

4. Well I could log it claim 0 points.... maybe this would solve       
5. He might after all "correct" his log on seeing the correct          
   callsigns     on the 3830 reflector and thus he can claim the point 
   and I am         without??

CU around the bands 

73 de Mats 5X1Z


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