[3830] RAC Contest--ZF2NT (Single Band 10m)

Bruce Sawyer zf2nt at candw.ky
Mon Dec 28 01:58:55 EST 1998

It was a good day for a contest!  I hadn't decided whether to take the
time off from work to do this one until I got up this morning, but the
advice from VE6JY was rolling around in my mind all night:  "Go for
it!"  Don had told me the old 10m record, which had stood since 1980,
was just over 40k pts.  That was irresistable, so I took Don's advice.

Final results:  
   CW:  360 x 11
  SSB:  767 x 12
Total: 1127 x 23 ==> 100,832 pts.  (Plus about 30 dupes.)

The only mult missing was a Newfie on CW.  Every one of 'em I saw on SSB
said he didn't even own a key.  But what a find getting both NWT and YT
on both SSB and CW!  (This is  despite the conspicuous absence of VY1JA
in this contest.)

I'm sure it was busy on the other bands, but I never really ran dry on
10.  The JA's petered out about 8 p.m. (local time) on Friday night, and
I had to QRT half an hour early tonight for a sked with my XYL, but
other than that 10 just kept going down here.  It wasn't quite the
activity level of the ARRL 10m contest, but not far behind either.

This was the last hurrah for my killer KLM before I take it down to put
a tribander in its place for the February contests.  If you ever get a
chance to get one of these things, do it!  It's a 5 element monobander,
with a dual DE, and no longer in production.  I'm just constantly
dazzled by this antenna.  Unless TI1C made a whole lot more CW contacts
in the ARRL 10m contest than I think he did, that antenna well may have
taken that contest as well (DX, HP, mixed, @~2.6M)

Do the Europeans ever shut up?  I keep hearing people complain about not
getting EU contacts on 10m.  Sorry, but I don't have a lot of sympathy. 
Some of these guys just blast their calls at you over and over and over,
no matter whether you're trying to get a partial fill, an exchange, or
what.  I've finally started a blacklist of the rudest EU operators. 
IT9ELD and S50S are at the top of the list.  They are not in this log,
and they will not be in any future logs I submit.  Those are some points
I'll just do without.

Bruce, ZF2NT

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