[3830] N4BP Field Day 1A Battery

Bob Patten n4bp at bc.seflin.org
Wed Jul 8 17:34:21 EDT 1998

Guano Reef Bashful Perverts	N4BP

Operators:	K4PG, N4BP, W4OX
QTH:		Fiesta Key, Long Key
Equipment:	TS-130V, SST-20, IC-706MKII
		4-band trapped vertical, 10M 2el Yagi, Hustler mobile whip
		2 solar charged deep cycle marine batteries

	612 CW QSO's	50 SSB QSO's		662 Total QSO's

	6370 points	+	800 bonus points	7170 Total Points

We felt puny this year, just couldn't get any good runs going.  There may 
have been a problem with the main antenna, the "Ugly Vertical".  Wx was 
good for the most part, but hotter than blazes!  One brief squall Sunday 
morning sent us scrambling for a tarpaulin to keep the rain off the 
gear.  Couple of highlights:  Seven Q's via the RS-12 satellite and one 
QSO to test my new Wilderness Radio SST-20 (Simple SuperheT) which I will 
take backpacking next month.  Sleeping was rough after our queen size air 
matress lost its air.  We spread air mattresses out on picnic tables 
under our shelter, but a little rough on the back.  Stopped on Marathon 
on the return trip for some "celebration ice cream".  A fairly successful 
event, but room for improvement next year...

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