[3830] ly5w wpx cw summary

Saulius Zalnerauskas LY1DR at kaunas.aiva.lt
Fri Jul 10 01:08:37 EDT 1998


    Contest Dates : 30-May-98, 31-May-98

    Callsign Used : LY5W
         Operator : LY1DR

         Category : SO  AB  HP  TS

 Default Exchange : 599 NR

             Name : SAULIUS ZALNERAUSKAS
          Address : BOX 922
   City/State/Zip : KAUNAS 3005
          Country : Lithuania

        Team/Club : LITHUANIAN DX GROUP

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Prefixes   

  160CW       78          78        172       23 
   80CW      267         256        590      107 
   40CW      390         373       1050      132 
   20CW      704         682       1451      260 
   15CW      241         237        425       68 
   10CW       50          50         78       13 

 Totals     1730        1676       3766      603 

    Final Score = 2270898 points.

 Soapbox Comments


 This is to certify that in the contest I have operated my transmitter within
 the limitations of my license and have observed fully the rules and 
 regulations of the contest.

 Date ______________   Signed _____________________________  Call ___________
 Continent List  CONTINENT

                   160    80    40    20    15    10    ALL
                   ---    --    --    --    --    --    ---
  USA calls   =      0     6    30   211    24     0    271
  VE calls    =      0     1     2    14     1     0     18
  N.A. calls  =      0     0     4     6     4     0     14
  S.A. calls  =      1     2     6     8    22     3     42
  Euro calls  =     73   234   294   297   142    36   1076
  Afrc calls  =      1     3     7     8     5     1     25
  Asia calls  =      3    10    24    64    28     9    138
  JA calls    =      0     0     3    65     7     0     75
  Ocen calls  =      0     0     3     8     3     1     15

  Unknowns    =      0     0     0     1     1     0      2

  Total calls =     78   256   373   682   237    50   1676

Unknowns on 20 = VR98/F5PRH 
Unknowns on 15 = VR98BG 


3DA5    DF5     F0      IT9     KE0     NB4     PY7     SP2     UT3     WK6
3V8     DF6     F5      IU3     KE2     NC7     RA0     SP3     UT4     WL7
4K80    DF8     F6      IZ0     KE3     ND5     RA1     SP4     UT5     WN6
4N0     DH2     FB1     IZ1     KF6     NG3     RA3     SP5     UT7     WO4
4N1     DH9     FBC2    IZ3     KH2     NI3     RA4     SP6     UT8     WO7
4N7     DJ2     FBC5    IZ5     KH7     NJ4     RA6     SP7     UU0     WO8
4N9     DJ3     FBC6    J41     KI6     NO2     RA9     SP8     UU2     WO9
4X0     DJ4     FBC9    J45     KJ9     NO6     RJ9     SP9     UU4     WP3
4X2     DJ5     FM5     J49     KK7     NP4     RK3     SQ1     UU8     WQ3
4X4     DJ7     FS0     JA0     KM0     NQ4     RK6     SV1     UX0     WQ5
5B4     DK0     G0      JA1     KN4     NT4     RK9     SV2     UX1     WR3
6Y6     DK3     G2      JA2     KO7     NU4     RM6     SV5     UX2     WR6
7M1     DK4     G3      JA3     KQ2     NU6     RN3     SV9     UX3     WR8
7S5     DK6     G4      JA4     KR1     NW7     RN6     T77     UX5     WS1
7X2     DK7     G5      JA5     KR5     NX7     RN9     T88     UX6     WT2
7Z5     DK8     G8      JA6     KS7     NY4     RO3     T9      UX7     WU5
9A0     DK9     GI0     JA7     KT3     OE5     RS0     T91     UX8     WV2
9A1     DL0     GM3     JA8     KT4     OG5     RS3     T94     UY0     WW6
9A2     DL1     GM8     JA9     KT9     OH0     RU0     T95     UY1     WW7
9A3     DL2     GS2     JE2     KV0     OH1     RU1     TA0     UY5     XO7
9A4     DL3     GW0     JE4     KW2     OH2     RU3     TA2     UY8     XV7
9A5     DL4     GW3     JE6     KX1     OH3     RU4     TA4     V26     YB0
9A7     DL5     GX0     JF1     KX7     OH4     RU9     TE5     VA3     YB3
9A9     DL6     GX4     JF2     L36     OH5     RV1     TI1     VA7     YB4
9K2     DL7     H20     JF3     L50     OH6     RV3     TM2     VE3     YL2
9M2     DL8     H24     JG3     LA1     OH7     RV4     TM5     VE6     YL3
9M6     DL9     HA0     JH1     LA2     OH8     RV6     TM6     VE7     YM2
9V1     DU1     HA1     JH4     LA6     OH9     RV9     TM8     VK2     YO2
A45     E21     HA2     JH5     LA7     OK1     RW1     TM9     VK5     YO4
AA3     EA1     HA3     JH6     LA9     OK2     RW2     TU2     VK6     YO5
AA5     EA2     HA4     JH7     LT1     OK7     RW3     U0      VK8     YO9
AA7     EA3     HA5     JI3     LU3     OL2     RW4     U5      VO1     YP3
AB0     EA4     HA7     JK1     LU4     OL3     RW6     UA0     VP2     YR8
AB1     EA5     HA8     JL1     LU6     OL4     RW9     UA1     VR98    YR9
AB2     EA6     HA9     JN1     LU8     OL5     RX0     UA3     VU2     YT0
AB5     EA7     HB9     JN2     LW1     OM1     RX3     UA4     VX6     YT1
AD4     EA8     HC1     JN4     LW3     OM2     RX6     UA6     W0      YT4
AD6     EA9     HC2     JP1     LY1     OM3     RZ1     UA9     W1      YT7
AE2     EC7     HG1     JQ2     LY2     OM4     RZ3     UD6     W2      YU1
AE6     ED3     HG3     JR0     LY3     OM5     RZ4     UN0     W3      YU7
AF8     ED5     HG4     JR1     LY5     OM6     RZ6     UN4     W4      YZ1
AJ4     EG4     HL1     JR3     LY6     OM7     RZ9     UN6     W5      YZ4
AK6     EI8     HL5     JR4     LY7     ON4     S50     UN7     W6      YZ9
AZ4     EK6     HS0     JT1     LY8     ON50    S51     UP0     W7      Z30
BV2     EM4     HS2     JY8     LZ0     ON6     S52     UP4     W8      Z32
BV4     EN1     I1      K0      LZ1     ON7     S53     UR3     W9      Z37
BV7     EO3     I2      K1      LZ2     OT8     S54     UR4     WA1     Z39
BY1     ER1     I3      K2      LZ4     OZ5     S55     UR5     WA2     ZB2
C4      ES7     I6      K3      LZ8     P3      S56     UR6     WA3     ZM1
C46     EU1     IH9     K4      LZ9     P49     S57     UR7     WA5     ZP5
C6      EU2     II0     K5      M0      PA0     S58     UR8     WA8     ZP9
CE8     EU3     II3     K6      M8      PA3     S59     US1     WB7     ZS6
CP1     EU4     IK0     K7      N0      PA6     SK2     US2     WC1     ZW7
CP6     EU6     IK1     K8      N2      PI4     SK3     US3     WC4     ZX5
CT1     EV6     IK4     K9      N3      PQ5     SK6     US5     WC7     
CX5     EW1     IK5     KA4     N4      PR2     SM2     US6     WD4     
DA0     EW2     IO2     KC0     N5      PU1     SM3     US8     WF3     
DF0     EW3     IQ4     KC1     N6      PU2     SM5     US9     WF5     
DF1     EW4     IQ6     KC6     N7      PY1     SM6     UT0     WI6     
DF2     EW8     IQ9     KC7     N8      PY3     SN3     UT1     WI8     
DF4     EX8     IR4     KD2     NB1     PY5     SP1     UT2     WK2     

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