[3830] Field Day

MICHAEL FURREY mlfurrey at tenet.edu
Thu Jul 9 17:52:16 EDT 1998


Band 	CW Qs	CW pts	SSB Qs	SSB pts
160	0	0	0	0
80	0	0	0	0
40	30	120	0	0
20	20	80	409	818
15	0	0	285	570
10	0	0	28	56
Total	50	200	722	1444	=	1,644 QSO points

K5KHS is the vanity call for the Kingwood High School ARC in Kingwood,

This year for Field Day there were 10 students
that kept the station going around the clock and only one is
currently licensed. That ment that as trustee, I didn't get 
any sleep!!! My students did give me an early morning time
slot to operate but after I made 50 cw Qs, they said,"your 
time is up!" My own station no less!!! But to teach them
to run and log and watch them so enthusiastically pursue making 
Qs was a lot of fun and well worth the effort. The kids operated
in pairs, one operating and the other logging, this kept more 
involved at a time. Others kept going to "JITTERS," a drive through
expresso/snow cone stand to keep me awake and everyone else refreshed.
The parents were continualy dropping by with all kinds of food.

We did have a bit of Murphy though, the TS-940's pwr supply smoked 30
minutes B4 the start time, that sent me scurring home after my FT-1000.
During that trip home, the vehicle (not mine) went sput, sputter, dead!
after scanning for the gas gauge, well anyway, fortunately it was
diastance to home and help from a neighbor! We has to quit 2 hrs early.
Of all times, we got some of that much needed rain. When I heard that
first clapp of thunder, I told the kids, "unplug the coax and throw it
way over there."

Since FD, 5 students are about ready to take the novice exam (I did not
the no-code tech become a part of their vocab). I belive that ya'll will
be hearing K5KHS in up-coming contests!

Rig: FT-1000, Cushcraft A4, 40 meter double-extended zepp, NA software

73 de Mike WA5POK, trustee for K5KHS

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