[3830] W7VJ IARU CW Only S/O AB

aisar at harbor-group.com aisar at harbor-group.com
Sun Jul 12 11:18:55 EDT 1998

                      IARU HF Championship -- 1998
		Single Operator, All Band

      Call: W7VJ                     	Country:  United States
                                     	Category: Single Operator


      160        	   0          0     0.00     	         0      0
       80       	  23       75      3.26                 8      2
       40      	188      712     3.79                22      6
       20     	548     2108    3.85                35     19
       15      	164      564     3.44                20      4
       10      	  17       51      3.00                 5      3

     Totals    	940     3510     3.73    	        90     34

                 Score: 435,240 points


I kept thinking that this year surely would see better conditions and 
higher scores.... not to be for me at least.  After 20 hours (about 17.5 of 
actual operating) I figured I had done enough damage and the extra four 
hours would be marginally productive (also a tradeoff between losing all of 
Sunday to sleep which I couldn't afford to do).

First, thanks to all of you I worked!

I noticed that there were few casual domestic operators this year.  The 
stations I worked were typically contacted on several bands, reflecting a 
more serious effort.  Final score was 115K lower than last year, although 
presumably I might have come close to last years score.  Had more mults and 
equal number of HQ stations but Qs were certainly way down.

160  	Nil Suppose could have made a few Qs but was too painful to QSX
80	Noisy but good source of several domestic QSOs and mults
40	Good band opening but JAs just weren't there in large number.  How was 
the opening Sunday
20 	The money band.  Super late night EU opening - perhaps the high point 
for me.
15	Ho hum.  JA opening marginal
10	A few goodies here but not much to get excited about.

All in all I had fun (in retrospect), but must characterize this contest as 
painful over all.  When are condx going to improve?  See you in the fall. 
 Gotta get some antenna work done now.

73 to all,

Andrew, W7VJ

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