Jim Kehler kh2d at kuentos.guam.net
Mon Jul 13 08:02:58 EDT 1998

IARU HF Championship - 1998
Call: KH2D    QTH: Guam
Category: Single Op, High Power, CW Only


160        0        0       0 
 80       76      364      14 
 40      183      875      35 
 20      563     2689      52 
 15      303     1453      36 
 10       44      208       8 

Total   1169     5589     145 

Total Score: 810,405 points

Equipment:  FT-920, Ten Tec Titan, Wheat Thins,
cookies, ice tea, M&M's.

Low Bands:  Butternut HF2V, roof mounted
Hi Bands: Create tribander @ 30' on a fence rail pipe


This contest again leaves me wondering about where 
everybody went. Bands were open the entire contest,
not great openings, but nobody to work. A few good runs, 
but none lasted very long.  I was the only station in Zone 64 
on CW 100% but I spent a lot of time CQ'ing and eating cookies 
waiting for somebody to call. I tuned up and down the bands
so much I had my dupe sheets memorized. I don't have the 
biggest signal in the world, but when I get one guy who calls 
me every ten minutes from JA or North America who's 20 over 
S9, it seems other people should be hearing me too.

Are contesting CW ops disappearing or is it my imagination ?
I feel like I am all dressed up with no place to go....

The JA's are definitly MIA.  Only good pileups from EU, 
and I still haven't figured out how to turn a EU pileup into 
a good rate..

73, Jim KH2D
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