[3830] N6ED IARU SOMX Score

Craig Gullickson gullick at emu.sp.trw.com
Mon Jul 13 19:15:56 EDT 1998

                      IARU HF Championship -- 1998

      Call: N6ED                                         Category:
Single Operator
                                               Mixed Mode HP


      160        2        2     1.00      1      0
       80       32       70     2.19      6      2
       40      149      537     3.60     17      3
       20      979     3439     3.51     45     23
       15      369     1289     3.49     29     14
       10       35      113     3.23      9      2

     Totals   1566     5450     3.48    107     44

                 Score: 822,950 points

IARU is always fun no matter what!
I think the summer time contest format is unique where the bands have a
much different make-up than during the winter.  This puts a real twist
on the strategy which I find to be a lot of fun.  I noticed a lot of the

same propagation woes that many of the others have already stated.  I
especially took note of the degraded polar coditions to EU on 20m from
earlier in the week although 15m did well to that area in the morning.
I found the JA opening on 15 to be only about 2 hours long with poor
rates.  I also took note of the decreasing JA participation over past
In spite of this fact, JA on 20CW gave me a real thrill from 700z till
1000z with very acceptable rates.  I actually found good NA runs to fill

in the gaps which sure helped my spirits.  The biggest shocker was that
South America was almost non-existant!?!?!  A lot of easy SA mults were
Overall, a very fun contest.  I am going to be back for my 6th time next

year for sure!

Biggest Pile-up heard: HC8A  (Congrats Rich!)
Biggest signal heard:  K3ZO on 80m (Awesome 3el on 80 Fred!!)
Biggest suprise: Actually waking up at 3:30am!!!!!
Biggest mistake:  Not having 3 elements on 80!
Lessons Learned:  Move to the East Coast and put up 3 el on 80!

See all of you in the next one and TELL A FRIEND!!!!!
73 de Craig, N6ED


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