Larry Schimelpfenig lvschim at 1bigred.com
Tue Jul 14 20:22:32 EDT 1998

                         1998 IARU HF CHAMPIONSHIP
     Call used: K7SV                                  Location: 8
     Category: Single Op All Band  Mode: CW           Power: 100W
     Hours of Operation: 23:58
              CW      CW    band
     band   QSOs     pts    mults
     160      10      24       9 Top loaded vertical
      80      36      92      21 Dipole @ 50'
      40     264     982      40 2el KLM @ 63' 
      20     496    2124      47 KT34XA
      15     463    2033      44   @
      10      20      60       9  55'
     TOTAL  1289    5315     170       SCORE: 903,550
    My first serious contest effort since turning 50. Seems to me
    I heard somewhere that it got better at 50; was that contesting?

    I don't think I've ever put anything resembling a serious effort 
    into this contest before.  Normally I pull all the low band wires
    down for the summer right after CW WPX.  Between antenna work  
    with NJ4F, fishing, and yard work I never pulled them down. 
    During the PVRC club meeting at the W3LPL gala gathering a few
    weeks ago, I put in a plug for the NAQP contests in August. Then
    Rich, KE3Q put in one for the IARU. That planted a seed that 
    germinated the middle of last week and took root Thursday night.
    After listening around the bands, it appeared that 15 would be
    the place to start. I rather hesitated to do so because my 
    XA has shown pretty poor f/b since I put the 40 above it. Well,
    15 was the place to start and to stay for hours. It was rate
    city!  Gave me a little confidence in the XA on 15, and the 
    lack of f/b was a blessing. A lot of stateside stuff called 
    off the back. 

    It's always interesting to work a contest in what we most think
    of as the off season. Propagation is really different, with 20
    staying open all night. The low bands are typically miserable
    due to noise. Conditions were disturbed with the solar flux
    being fairly low. I could hear whispers of Eur working SA on 10,
    but could never really copy Eur on the direct or SE skewed 
    path. After reading about 15 opening l/p to Eur in the wee
    hours of the morning during the CW WPX under disturbed condx,
    I decided to keep an eye on the band this time.  Sure enough 
    the band opened l/p, but signals weren't real good and I 
    couldn't find anything that hadn't already been worked. 20 
    was pretty good with some nice signals from JA, but there 
    didn't appear to be a lot of activity from there. It is 
    certainly nice not to have the muf drop below 7mhz. Between
    that and a remarkably low qrn level 40 was a lot of fun. 80
    produced fairly well and I was really amazed to hear let 
    alone work ZL2JR on top band. Things got pretty thin at the 
    end of the contest. Running low power made it real easy
    to switch bands, and in the final couple of hours did that
    a lot. 
    I think K8CC said he was going to put this contest on his
    stringer as a keeper as I plan to do. This one was really
    a pleasure. I had three hours of rate exceeding a hundred. 
    We do better than that from NJ4F, but there's a bit of
    difference between stacks and full power and a tribander 
    and 100 watts. The contest ended at 8AM Sunday. I slept 
    until noon and went to bed at my mormal time that evening.
    Felt great Monday! Next year we may even have Eur on ten. 
    See you all in NAQP, and my buds out west in CQP (thanks
    for the vino!)

    73 de Larry K7SV 


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