[3830] Upcoming Summaries?

Michael Dinkelman mwdink at eskimo.com
Fri Jul 17 12:21:17 EDT 1998

Hello All

	I think everybody agrees that the score summaries are
useful, desireable, and sorely missed when not done. However,
anybody who has ever done them also knows the amount of work 

	In all humbleness, I took up the WPX CW summary and 
several contests since. I've enjoyed it (and learned a lot) 
but this is not the height of the contest season and the 
work load is fairly light. I don't have any illusions that
I could do it all in the upcoming months. Stan Karas, 
WA7JOM, has also expressed an interest in doing summaries
so we have been talking together about splitting up the 
duties (although we both worry about stepping on other toes).
Since CW contests are my main area of interest and SSB is 
Stan's - that seems a logical split for now. (Granted 
there are contests that do both so we are going to play
those by ear.)

	PLEASE PLEASE NOTE: This proposed organizing IS NOT
an attempt to cut anybody else out of doing summaries. In
fact, if there are others who have a desire to do summaries,
please let us know and feel free to join in. If Jimmy comes 
back and wants it all - I couldn't deny him because 
of his past work but, for now, Stan and I are willing 
workers. (I'm actually hoping that Jimmy is just burned 
out and wouldn't mind coming back to help out.) 

So, that said, Stan and I have split up the major 
contests through August as follows.


WA7JOM  (skaras at earthlink.net)
	European HF Contest
	SeaNet SSB

	I don't know what formats Stan will require - I am
sure he will let everyone know if he has any preferences.
Else, we will just glean the 3830 listings as they come 
out. Yes, there are other contests not mentioned in this 
split. (I think the RTTY contest are done already by a some
one else.) If enough 3830 reports come in, one of us, or 
maybe you will pop up and decide to summarize them.

	Again, maybe this is too forward a proposal but 
I know from the e-mail I receive that summaries are 
appreciated. Jimmy, and others, have set a high standard
that will take some work to achieve. We (I'm putting 
words in Stan's mouth here) hope that we can help and 
welcome others who want to as well.

73 and CW Forever!

Michael Dinkelman, N7WA
Kent, WA
mwdink at eskimo.com

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