[3830] XK7SZ (VE7NTT op) 1998 IARU S/O Mixed

Gary Caldwell VE7NTT at bc.sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 19 06:10:17 EDT 1998

IARU HF Championship 1998

Single-op Mixed Mode

       QSOs   Zones   HQ
  160    27      10    1
   80   129      20    3
   40   347      34    8
   20  1306      41   23
   15   236      25    4
   10    16       7    2

Total  2061     137   41  for   1,329,126

     Many thanks to Allan, VE7SZ, for the use of his FB station and
antenna farm.

     Conditions in VE7 were not so good for the first 14 hours of the
test, and very good for the last 10 hours.  Among the "low-lights" were
a first hour on 40 CW of only 65 (compared to a 106 from my station at 
home in 1997), and a total shutout to Europe on 15 meters.  The only EU
I heard on 15 was OL8HQ, at about 1800Z, who was peaking at 90 degrees 
and was not workable.  Also only logged about 25 JAs on 15.

     On the plus side, twenty really picked up to Europe starting at 
about 02Z, with 3 hours over 100, mostly on CW.  Later, as others have 
noted, the JAs were really, really loud on 40 and 80.  I found, overall,
that I could run the USA ok on SSB, but not too much else, and that the
5 point contacts picked up dramatically when I switched to CW.  This
led to an overall change in strategy, as I figured I'd probably spend
60% of my time on phone (it turned out to be just the opposite!).

     I was pleased with the zone mult of 137, but with EU QSOs only on
20, I missed all of those EU HQ stations on the other bands.  My HQ 
multiplier total was frankly pathetic!

     Thanks to all for the QSOs.


Gary Caldwell  VE7NTT

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