[3830] W6YL Field Day 1998 Score

Tony and Celia Becker becker at sprintmail.com
Mon Jul 27 23:29:23 EDT 1998

                             FIELD DAY SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 27-Jun-98, 28-Jun-98
    Callsign Used : W6YL
      Novice Call : N6XVK
       Group Name : San Jose State University
         Category : 2A
          Section : East Bay
        Operators : AD6E, KX7M, WR6K, Jeff, W6WS, 
                    N6XVK, KD6VZQ, KF6LCV, N0BBS, AE0M
	  Helpers : Pheonix Bill
             Name : Anthony J. Becker
          Address : 3273 B. Rocky Water Lane
   City/State/Zip : San Jose, CA  95148
          Country : United States

BAND    MODE    Raw Qs  Good Qs Points  % Pts
15      CW      338     338     1352    21.13%
20      CW      379     377     1508    23.56%
40      CW      291     289     1156    18.06%
80      CW       79      79      316     4.94%
 2      DIG       1       1        2     0.03%
 2      SSB      57      55      110     1.72%
 6      SSB      19      19       38     0.59%
10      SSB      76      76      152     2.38%
15      SSB     330     329      658    10.28%
20      SSB     279     278      556     8.69%
40      SSB     197     196      392     6.13%
80      SSB      80      80      160     2.50%
CW             1088    1084     4334    67.72%
SSB            1038    1033     2066    32.28%
Totals         2126    2117     6400   100.00%

Bonus points:

100% Emergency Power : 200
 Message Origination : 100
        W1AW message : 100

         Final Score = 6800 points.

 I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations established
 for amateur radio in my country.  My report is correct and true to the best
 of my knowledge.  I agree to be bound by the decisions of the Awards

 Date:_25_July_1998 Signed:_Anthony_J._Becker_ Call:_AE0M_
Last year we had 1853 Qs for 5580 pts and 600 bonus points for a Final Score =
6180 points.

HF#1 made  1076 Qs for 3720 pts with an A3 tribander on 20-10, a 4 el wire
on 40m and a 3 el wire beam on 80m
HF#2 made   853 Qs for 2192 pts with a TH3 tribander on 20-10, and an inverted
vee on 40m
VHF  made    77 Qs for  150 pts with 4el on 6m and 6 el on 2m
NOVICE made 120 Qs for  350 pts with an R7 vertical

Field Day was a blast.  At W6YL, we do a macho field day.  Who else sets up 
full size 4 element yagis on 40 meters?  Who else has a 3 element yagi on 80?
Who else kills themselves in the 24 hours preceeding the first QSO to the 
extent that there is no energy left to actually work the contest (excuse me
'operating event')?  

Our site is as impressive as the antennas.  Up on the Sunol ridge QTH of Oli,
W6NV, we over heard K6ZM with 7 el @ 60' on a 1500' peak in nearby Danville on
10 SSB trying in vain to pull a guy out of the mud while for us the station
Q5 with our A3 at 10' above a 2000 ft cliff edge.

The only problem was the XYL getting upset over all the (major) scratches I
on the new Jeep! - Al,  AD6E

A completely different experience from 1997!
Every year the site poses a different challenge - heat, cold, wind, rain, fog,
sometimes all in the same weekend.  This year was perhaps the most relaxed
ever.  Although it was hot during the day, there was usually a light breeze. 
The night time teperatures were reasonable, and some dawn fog made for some
wonderful photo ops.  There were even some late season wild flowers.

Murphy was kind to us.  A last minute bout with TRLOG and an air bubble in the
generator fuel line were the only two incidents.  (Though Tony did screw
up a tire on his Rent-An-Explorer.)  Thanks to the simplified antenna
configuration and the mild winds, we were on the air from the start!

My thanks to all who participated with us this year.  I hope to see every one
again next year. - Walt W6WS

What a great field day!  My faith has been restored.  After last year I
seriously wondered why I would be willing to go through such an ordeal, and
all year long I dreaded the possibility of the same thing happening again.
But this year was wonderful.  I finally got one of my kids, Jeff, interested
in operating.  He said he had a really good time.  I was worried what would
happen when his brothers left, but he got along with everyone very well. After
this year, I can't wait until next year.  I am looking forward to it
already.  Maybe OSCAR Phase IV will be up by then, and I WILL have my station
up, even if it takes plastic to do it.  See you all next year. - Larry, WR6K

The best part of the field day was my friend Pheonix Bill (that is the correct
spelling) had finally forgiven us for CQP two years ago and volunteered to
join us.  He drove all the way up from San Diego and chivalrously handled the
heavy equipment with Tony.  Thus, this year, no broken bones or torn
no heat exhaustion, not even by the computers this year.  The food poisoning
from the medium rare prime rib Friday night ended just before we needed to
for the hills.  No windburn or hang-gliding shade makers, or even sand and
manure filled keyboards.  Even the tents stayed intact and our duct tape
of the privy enclosure was leak-proof, in the foggy rain Sunday morning.
The only car damage this year was a flat tire (tire popped off the rim) on the
rented Ford Explorer.  Say, what is the record for tires and wheel
alignments in one year, anyway?  Celia - N0BBS

We lost a few hundred Qs by letting the newbies stay in the chair, but that
is what Field Day is for. - Tony, AE0M

AE0M, Tony Becker - becker at sprintmail.com - Silicon Valley, USA

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