[3830] K0EJ 1998 CW WPX 20M Single Band

Mark Speck Mark_Speck at ittsheraton.com
Mon Jun 1 11:50:38 EDT 1998

     Turned on the amp, it sputtered so I ran it at about 700W to avoid 
     problems. Still heated up the shack quite a bit!! Was able to play 
     Friday nite (soccer team party rescheduled - not on my account). Did 
     miss some time Saturday evening and Sunday morning but got in about 30 
     FT1000MP-> amp -> TH7 at 65'
     Preliminary results - a few bad Qs noted during contest. I know 
     something is wrong when hashmarks show up in either "points" or "mult" 
     1184 Qs (2258 points) x 571 mults =  1,289,318
     Saturday nite over-the-pole opening was really good (especially 
     compared to Friday nite). Both days were slow. Felt like an alligator 
     Sunday afternoon when high QRN from front to the north wiped out all 
     but loudest EU during the opening.
                                        73,   Mark K0EJ

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