[3830] YM2ZW WPX CW SO/HP/20m

Zdeno, TA2ZW zdenosan at tr-net.net.tr
Tue Jun 2 12:41:47 EDT 1998

                  CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST -- 1998

      Call: YM2ZW (op. OK2ZW)         Country: Turkey
      Mode: CW                       Category: SO/SB/HP


       20     1761     4875   2.8      634  =   3,090,750

Equipment Description: TS-940S + LK-500ZB
                       3 el. 3-bander, 10m vertical

                      Continent Statistics

                                 QSOs   percent

                North America     262    14.8
                South America      10     0.6
                Europe           1277    72.3
                Asia              203    11.5
                Africa              7     0.4
                Oceania             8     0.5

It was one of my last contests from Turkey and it was a nice
weekend again. What a propagations! The W6/7 signals were
not "classic West Coast signals" and sounded like all others
(without the typical "tremolo") and were often stronger than
East Coast. Lost 2 hours on Saturday mornig because of touthpain,
just when rates were arround 100... :-(

Run approx. 30% of the contest into a vertical (my beam is fixed
to EU) while been called by KH7R, E21EJC and some others  :-)
JA`s were most of the time stronger on the beam, what is very
unusual. Where the signals were coming from?

My goal was to beat me personal record from here (3M3), but
finally I was happy to break 3M border.

Thanks to everybody for points and see you in other contests...

Zdeno, TA2ZW / OK2ZW              http://www.qsl.net/ok2zw

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