[3830] NP4Z WPX CW 98 M/S

Eric M. Guzman-Colon, NP3A eguzman at exodo.upr.clu.edu
Tue Jun 2 14:00:02 EDT 1998

                 CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST -- 1998

      Call: NP4Z (@KP3P)              Country: Puerto Rico
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Single


      160        0        0   0.0        0
       80       22      110   5.0        1
       40     1500     7980   5.3      474
       20     1316     3584   2.7      214
       15     1219     3353   2.8      174
       10       35       93   2.7       12

     Totals   4092    15120   3.7      875  =   13,230,000

Operator List: NP3A, KP3L, NP4Z

Equipment Description:

TWR 1     120ft
          20M  5el at 90ft
          15M  6el at 60ft

TWR 2     75ft
          40M  4el at 75ft
          10M  6el at 60ft
Hanging between towers, 80m 2 el inv V wire Yagi fixed USA @ 70ft
585ft Terminated Beverage NE
Ethernet networking

We went roughly over the NA record: KP2A('89) 12,843,135 835.
Our discussions weeks before the contest about band changing strategies
really helped. In the WPX, the cost of being in the wrong band is very high.
Our strategy was based in two points.
1. Focusing on low-rate 3/6 pts EUs instead of high-rate 2/4pts NA.
2. Take advantage of the short 6pt EU opening on 40M. The night time overlap
between EU and the Caribbean is very short in the summer. At 6z (2am local)
there is day light over most of EU. 

The first night, the 40m antenna was stuck on ~10deg. Most of the Pacific mults
came in the second night after fixing the problem. This was the only problem we
had. The lack of a 10m opening, made a big hole in our score.

As usual, we had a lot of fun. Thanks to Moisex, KP3P,  and Mima for being so
excellent hosts and for making this one, another successful operation of the
Puerto Rico Contest Club.
73s Eric M. Guzman, NP3A
cw4ever at isla.net
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