[3830] KN4T Breakdown Sheets (Low Power)

Walter Deemer kn4t at gate.net
Wed Jun 3 08:18:02 EDT 1998

I didn't realize until after the contest how "bad" conditions were; it's
always noisy down here (plus I heard thunder both days), and, running low
power, it's always a challenge for me to work Europeans during times outside
the peak conditions of the day on each band.

I'm starting to realize that being this far south may have been an advantage
this time around, though.  If you'd like to compare notes, I've posted my
breakdown sheets to


(Note that I deliberately stayed on 40 whenever it was open to Europe, so
completely missed the fun of the late night openings on 20.  Too bad; it
sounds like a VERY interesting couple of hours...)

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