Ron Klimas WZ1V wz1v at connix.com
Mon Jun 22 10:41:02 EDT 1998

Hi all:  Once again, Matt Reilly KB1VC <reilly at tiac.net>
has graciously provided us with an automated score rumours page 
for the June VHF QSO Party.  
(The title for the totals is still wrong but everything works now). 
I encourage everyone to enter their scores there and compare. 
(I entered a few i knew about, but no time for any more).  
Point your web browser to: 

or directly to Matt's page at

Note: This is for entertainment value only and 
does not replace sending in your actual entry to the ARRL. 
-TNX es 73, Ron WZ1V

P.S. - please don't email me, 
comments should go to to reilly at tiac.net

(WZ1V is doing 80-90 hrs/week these days, 
with NO time for email, web requests, or ham radio!)

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