[3830] K0GQ FD score

Steve Lufcy km0l at tfs.net
Mon Jun 29 15:44:07 EDT 1998

                                   ARRL  Field DAY  1998

call: K0GQ   (+KB0RTH)      club: Raytown Amateur Radio Club
class: 2A                            sec: MO

                cw Q's               ssb Q's
reg              1066                    753
rtty                   2
satellite                                      1
novice               5                       67
total              1073          +        821            =          1894
power bonus    x 4                    x  2
                     --------                  -------
                     4292                   1642           =          5934
+ 900 bonus
 6834  total score

gear: hf cw: ts870 ->  TA 33 at 40', hf6v, inv V  PC 486/CT
       hf ssb: ts940 ->  hf6v    PC pentium90/CT
      uhf/vhf: IC-746, IC-736 -> 3el 6m, stacked 4el 2m (2)
      novice: IC-736, IC-746 -> hf6v
      various 2m and 220 es 440 FM ht's es mobile rigs

soap: more stories to tell than we can relate here.Murphy camped behind
Raytown City Hall with us. Rained so hard at 3:30 in the morning that we
had to shut everything down for about an hour - lightening, hail, wind- was
really exciting. The brand new IC-746 went deaf on vhf so we swapped rigs
with the novices and ran 6m only on ssb. Used mobile rigs and worked 2m FM.
The inv V hf antenna shorted out to something so we had to tsake the cw rig
off the air and put up another hf6v so we could work 40 es 80 cw. All was
great fun however- and we learned alot.
Our 1st time in 2A as we have always done 1a in the past. Rules changes
screwed that up. Class 2A is a whole lot different than 1A and we were not
prepared for all the various logistics involved with running a multi-multi
in the middle of a field. We will do better next year.
73 de KM0L Steve in KC, K0GQ 2A MO
 KM0L Steve in KC

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