[3830] K5ZD CQ 160m Phone

k5zd at ma.ultranet.com k5zd at ma.ultranet.com
Wed Mar 4 01:05:37 EST 1998

K5ZD Score

CQ 160m Phone
Single Op, High Power

210 QSOs = 794 points x ( 47 states/prov + 27 dx) => 58,756 points

Operating time about 5 hours.  Mostly S&P.  Was fun to dig through the QRM 
for DX calling CQ but not getting any answers due to the endless CQing.

How can I work 27 countries in this QRM madness and never hear a station in 
Wisconsin?  Some kind of cheese social going on down at the VFW hall?

Never could get KZ5MM to hear me so his aligator status is confirmed.

Surprised at several times each night to hear K1ZM calling CQ with big EU 
pile-ups that he couldn't seem to hear very well.  Normally Jeff is working 
all kind of stuff that I can't hear a peep.  But just the fact that he had 
EU pile-ups means he must have been REAL LOUD over there!

Beverage was broken the first night (when I worked most of the DX).  An 
extra 20-30 db of rejection of W3/W4 signals really helps with hearing the 

Randy, K5ZD

Randy Thompson         Amateur Radio Call: K5ZD
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