K7bv K7bv at aol.com
Sun Mar 8 23:36:50 EST 1998


Dennis K7BV Operator 
(prefers fingers...pathetic with the lips as witnessed by the score listed

Score: 4,871,880    
Hours:  43
Breakdown (not me personally, I mean the band breakdowns)
160     129   32
 80      591   54
 40      637   57
 20    1194   58
 15    1563   58
 10    1093   58
Total  5205  312

Besides bring a pretty pathetic phone op, I also experienced horrible storm
static Friday night. Nearby city got 9 inches of rain and lightening was
visible all night effectively killing the low bands. Never caught up. Toss in
the wake-up alarm I slept through Sunday AM and you have the the full and
complete excuse package used by wanna be has-beens like me. BUT I have a
pretty good time with some of the rates here and there and that is all that
really counts. My sincere congratulations to the "real" operators out there.
And my thanks to Moises for letting me come down to escape from the office and
play radio.

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