Steve Lufcy km0l at tfs.net
Sun Mar 8 18:54:18 EST 1998

1998 ARRL DX SSB                 

call: K0GQ   (@KM0L)
catagory: Multi-op Single xmtr
exchange:  59 MO

line:   K0GQ    M/S    MO    440 Q's   x   179 mults  =>   236,280     12

ops: KM0L, KB0RTH

band      Q's       mults
 160         0             0       inv L
  80        14             9       inv V at 60'
  40        55            29      rotatable dipole at 65'
  20       156           55      A4 at 65'
  15       173           69        "
  10         42           17        "
total       440    x    179    =>    236,280 claimed score

rig: TS-940s, TL-922A,  Heil HC4
      pentium90 running CT w/W9XT Contest Card

soap: This contest was used to introduce our new club call K0GQ, and as a
training exercise. KB0RTH is a no-code tech who is trying to upgrade to (at
least) General. I am helping him with the code- so we took time off our
code practice to show Robert what he can look forward to doing with his
upgrade. He worked some DX and said "Wow, this is fun!". I think he is
correct, and he will do well with his license upgrade.

The bands were pretty good. Sixtynine countries on 15 from my station is
neat. Did most of this Sunday morning, which was the only real time I had
to devote to the contest. Certainly enjoyed what time I had
in this one. Very much fun for a ssb test. Will look forward to working
everyone in WPX, where I'm sure we will be using my call.
73 de KM0L Steve in KC

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