[3830] K8KM ARRL SSB - SO - SB 15meters - Low Power - Unassisted

Ron Ron
Mon Mar 9 10:10:52 EST 1998

 Call       Hours    Score       QSOs     DX

K8KM        14      99,099        363        91

Equipment: TS830s, 3 wire antennas in the trees

Operated most of Saturday, only about 2 hours Sunday. Too bad, it would
have been fun to hit 100 countries on a band with low power and low
wire antennas. 

Conditions were, in a strange way, too good. 15 was so crowded that I
got at most 40 or 50 Qs by CQing. Just too crowded to find a spot with
low power. The contest went literally all the way up to 21.450 - in my
bit of time Sunday I started by looking up around 21.420 or so - first
thing I hear is K1AR CQing up there. Hmmm, do you think I can muscle
him off the frequency????

Ron DeBry   K8KM       (ex WA6DGX)

Department of Biological Sciences
Box 210006
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0006

(513) 556-9743                       ron.debry at uc.edu

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