[3830] P43P 15M LP ARRL SSB

Jacobo Oduber jacobo at oduber.com
Mon Mar 9 13:12:24 EST 1998


      Call: P43P                     Country:  Aruba
      Mode: SSB (100Watt Low Power)  Category: Single Operator Single


      160        0        0           0
       80        0        0           0
       40        0        0           0
       20        0        0           0
       15     2596     7788          59
       10        0        0           0

     Totals   2596     7788          59  =   459,492

All reports sent were 59 100.

Equipment Description:

Kenwood TS-570S
Cushcraft 4 element 15 Meter Monobander
Heil Pro-Headset

Club Affiliation: Aruba Amateur Radio Club

First evening I started out with only about 80 somewhat qso's. Woke up
early the next morning (saturday) and started working qso's and racked
up a total of over 1800 qso's by the time the propagation gods said it
was enough that day. 
Sunday started out pretty slow compared to Saturday and I could not
really get a good spot on the band. Everybody was overshadowing my 100W
and there was A LOT OF QRM. I must have changed frequency at least about
15 times on Sunday. Because of the QRM (especially from European
stations) my rates stayed pretty low untill in late in the afternoon
when things started picking up again. Things got nice in the last hour
and I after I said ok last qso (23.59z) someone told me over the air
"you still have another 45 seconds" which was good for another 5 qso's
still I believe. 

Anyways, I ended up with 2820 qso's of which there were 224 dupes for a
total qso of 2596.

Lot's of interference problems with my TS-570S which the DSP did not
really help that much. I'll just have to compare it with other radio's I

Looking at last years top score of 3800+ qso's with High Power on 15
meters I thought what it would be like if I would have gone with high
power. Let's leave that for next year.

Thanks for all your qso's and see you all at the WPX and Dayton.  

73's de P43P

Jacobo Oduber
P43P (ex: P43HOT)

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