Lee rfi at vol.com
Mon Mar 9 11:15:48 EST 1998

        Team/Club : Tennessee Contest Group

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Countries   

   80SSB       5           5         15         4 
   40SSB      52          52        156        33 
   20SSB     136         135        405        65 
   15SSB     165         164        492        72 
   10SSB      80          80        240        27 

 Totals      438         436       1308       201 

    Final Score = 262908 points.
	Exchange: 59 TN
	Time Operated: 26 hrs.

Rig: Kenwood TS50
Antennas: 300' Wire Loop @ 20-50'(419 Q's), 100' EW Wire Dipole @20' (17
	Hustler 5BTV on ground (2 Q's)

Friday night was a washout.  Had a busy week and wasn't ready for
the +40 noise on the low bands.  I fizzled after 3 1/2 hours.
Saturday morning got me cranked up properly.  Plenty of mults
from EU and AF on 15 and 20 plus all the LU's on 10.  LU's
accounted for over 11% of my log.  Thanks, guys.  When JA ain't
running LU is the ticket for Q's.  Couldn't figure out why
there was no massive JA invasion here.  I worked maybe 15 or
so who were all S9 or better but that was all I could find.
Took some time off Saturday to play with the grandkids but was
much more serious about my effort than I was Friday night. 
This test was a good shakedown for my new wires since I'm 
planning a M/S from here for the WPX SSB.  Sunday was pretty
intense, so I operated almost all day.  Had a great time all
in all, but 48 hours is a bit much for an OF like me ;)

High Points:  Nice AF participation for a change.  Worked 5X, 9X and V5
	first time anywhere.  Also Z3 Macedonia was a new one for me.

	Able to bust pile-ups much easier with new wire.

	The DX stations who worked pile-ups by the numbers.  Absolutely the
	best way to go, IMHO.  Gives the micro-station an even break.

Low Points:  Garbled callsigns and garbled audio.  Hint...If English is
	your second language, USE STANDARD PHONETICS.  Also, if I can
	hear the fan in your amp, your processor is TOO HIGH.

	Stations who got my call but gave up on my state or didn't
	acknowledge that they got it.  I logged them anyway, hoping
	that they got it.

	20 Meters.  Can we all just spread out a bit.  20 goes all the
	way up to 14.350 but to listen from here you'd think it was

Random Observations:  Operating from Italy is worth at least 30dB.
	10 is on the way back.  15 IS back.

Big Sig Awards: P40W (duh), 6D2X, K1KY (30 miles away), 9A1A, OA4SS,
	6V1C, LU2DW, GW8GT (great 400W sig and great audio)

Lee (NY4T)

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