[3830] K6RC ARRL Phone M/2 score

Jim Pratt n6ig at netcom.com
Mon Mar 9 10:46:51 EST 1998

ARRL DX phone, K6RC, two-transmitter multi-multi

Operators:  K6RC (ex-NB6G), N6IG, N6ZS

Band    QSOs   Mults
160      13       9
 75      64      38
 40     545      74
 20    1006     128
 15    1267     122
 10     166      43
TOTAL  3061     414  ===> 3,796,794

Score for River City Contesters

It was pretty much a two-man "iron man" weekend.  We gave K6RC a "maiden 
voyage" in a DX contest to try out the new call.  K6RC had to go to a 
golf tourney Saturday and we drafted N6ZS to help out for about 9 hours;  
thanks, George, you were a life-saver.

Conditions were pretty good, first hour on 15 was over 200 and, at times, 
we had the CT rate meter above 400 for the last-10-rate.  Great to have 
big pileups of EU on 15 and working 10 watt G mobile stations;  FB!

We had intended to utilize the new New York Times-granted 4kW power limit 
in this contest but the older Alpha 77 decided to not cooperate before 
the fun started.  We were forced to utilize an Alpha 76PA on the second 
station which barely made 1200 watts on 10 with the filters and with only 
100 watts drive.  So we kept the power down to 1500 watts on the first 
station as well! ;=>  (They DO say the NY Times is one of the United 
States' "papers of record", whatever that means...)

Thanks to W6GO and K6HHD for the use of their station and home for the 

73, Jim  N6IG

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