[3830] WX0B ARRL SSB M/M

Naumann, Bob bob.naumann at eds.com
Wed Mar 25 10:10:43 EST 1998


      Call: WX0B         Country:  United States  - North Texas
      Mode: SSB          Category: Multi Multi


      160        9       27   3.0        7
       80       74      222   3.0       46
       40      236      708   3.0       81
       20      881     2595   2.9      118
       15     1046     3105   3.0      126
       10      196      585   3.0       47

     Totals   2442     7242   3.0      425  =   3,077,850

Operator List: WX0B, N5WD, W5WW, NM5M, K5PN, N5KB, K5WO, N5NJ

Unfortunately, the bin file got corrupted by a faulty computer that we took
out of the system after the first 7 hours of the contest.  It took a little
while to get it fixed and here's the results.  Thanks to the guy who fixed
it.  He knows who he is.

The low bands stunk here in Texas.  For those of you who have never been
down here, the lightning is nothing short of spectacular in the North Texas
area.  During the contest, we had a nearly continuous opportunity to observe
it at it's best.  We had to shut down at times because of the storms being
so severe locally.  

Fortunately, this occurred during the early morning hours when we could not
work the high bands so it did not impact our overall rate very much, but was
exasperating to sit around on Jay's carpeted shack floor and just look at
each other.  Several suggestions of handing out the "Shiner Bock" beer were
offered, but refused until the end of the contest.

We decided, pretty much with the same thought process as K1KI reported, that
we'd just do multi-multi instead of worrying about the multi-2 restrictions
since we were unlikely to be competitive in that class either.  So we had a
lot of fun and got some new guys involved on the operation.  Notably, N5WD,
K5PN, K5WO and N5KB really worked hard and kept us going.

Bob N5NJ
N5NJ at cqww.com

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