[3830] VE3KZ WPX SSB 10m SB

rtnash at netcom.ca rtnash at netcom.ca
Sun Mar 29 19:44:58 EST 1998

Hi Folks
Murphy modified my plans for 15m single band by snapping a pin letting the
15m beam free wheel. 2/3 of the way up the tower, the wind was strong
enough to pin me to the tower. It didn't seem bad on the ground! The upshot
was that I elected to put my little 3 el left-over-from-a-TH6 10m beam
through its paces again instead.

First 24 hours, not a single direct skip to the US or Europe but workable
through the South Atlantic. Shorter opening on Sunday but a direct opening
to Europe late in the afternoon. Didn't hear a single direct signal west of
here except XE and west coast of SA!

I don't know whether praise or pity is appropriate for any soul that tried
to tame ten from this latitude. Could have used a fixed array pointing SE
and worked 99%. Even when the band opened "directly" to Europe, the path
for all but the CT's and EA's was still bent to due East.

Raw data: 366 Q's  210 Prefixes  195,300 claimed score.  Time 20 hours.

TS-950SDX and 3el @ 100'

Cu on CW

73 Bob VE3KZ

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