[3830] KM0L WPX ssb

Steve Lufcy km0l at tfs.net
Sun Mar 29 19:09:15 EST 1998

                                     1998 CQWW  WPX  SSB

call: KM0L
cata: Single-op, High power, unassisted
         call       op time     score       Q's       pts       pfx
line:  KM0L      35 hrs     1,384,725   1,126    2,495   555

band     Q's       pts       pts/Q       pfx
 160        7         16         2.3          2       inv L
  80      120       166        1.4         58       inv V
  40       57        298        5.2         26       rotatable dipole, hf6v
  20      579      1013       1.7        280       A4 at 65'
  15      276       757        2.7        152        "
  10       87        245        2.8         37         "         , hf6v
total    1126     2495       2.215     555        =>      1,384,725  score

rig #1:  TS-940s, TL-922 (KW), Heil HC4
           pentium90 w/ CT , W9XT card 
rig #2:  TS-430s, MLA2500B, MC-80
           286 laptop networked
soap: This is as good as I've ever done in this one as a single-op. Last
year I had more Q's but far fewer points. Looks like possibly sun spots are
on the way.
40 meter ssb is a waste! I worked more LU's on 10 than all my 40 meter Q's!
Too bad such a good DX band is made useless by the band plan. Oh well, 20
took up the slack.
There was some real goodies to work- Highlight of weekend was being called
back to back by 9H4B and then 9K9K Sunday afternoon on 20. Worked D44AB in
the last 20 minutes and he gave me #31 !

I never heard so many people spend so much time trying to work folks they
couldn't hear- never heard AGAIN so much as I did this weekend. ESP at
work! It took ESP to figure out who the dx was when they only identified
once every hour(and then with a 100mph Spanish, non phonetic, call)!! geez.

Lots of fun, but I can't believe I did the whole thing. I'm a glutton for
Had actually planned a multi-op, and had the rigs set up for it (networked
computers with 2nd rig on the other side of room), but it didn't pan out
and I ended up doing it by myself. Can't believe I sat here and hollered at
the gray box all weekend, with only a couple hours sleep each night.

Am looking forward to CW.
73 de KM0L Steve in KC


73 de KM0L Steve in KC

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