Earl Dery Earl_Dery at mindlink.bc.ca
Sun Mar 29 20:20:07 EST 1998

VE7IN SO SB 20 METER High Power

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Prefixes   

   20SSB    1196        1196       2912      586      5 element KLM @ 132 Ft

 Totals     1196        1196       2912      586 

    Final Score = 1706432 points.
Equipment: FT-1000, Alpha 89, TR6.24

Slow start for me on Friday don't know why. The Power Line Noise God
was kind tho on saturday night the band was like it used to be when I first
moved here could hear the proverbial pin drop.Always a blast to break the
on the long one's. Had difficulty making any reasonable runs but a lot of
fun all around.
Thanks all for the Q's.
73 Earl VE7IN

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