Dave Mueller n2nl at kuentos.guam.net
Mon Mar 30 15:23:30 EST 1998

N2NL/KH2 (Guam)  1998 WPX SSB
(QSL via W2YC)

Single operator, Low power (Kenwood TS930 + R7000 vertical)
About 14 hours of operating

40m:  108
20m:  164
15m:  416
10m:  309
Total: 997 QSO's  334 Prefixes  1,033,396 points

   I operated this weekend mainly to see how the R7000 vertical would play 
at my new QTH.  Although I don't yet have permission to install any antennas 
at the new house, I threw it up on Sunday to play around with it.  It seems 
to work quite well, although is was frustrating at times to call some 
Europeans who couldn't hear me. I was able to take Monday off to try to 
catch the 15m run to the States, but the K jumped up to 4 and conditions 
were lousy.  To top it all off, the power went off at 2200Z and didn't come 
back on until 5 minutes before the end of the contest!
   Of the 997 QSO's, 594 were with JA.  I also worked 18 DU's, 30 HL/DS's, 
11 BY's, and 8 YB's!
   I am interrested in any signal reports regarding my signal strength, if 
anyone remembers. The R7000 and maybe a dipole is all I can fit at my home 
QTH, and I want to optimize things to improve my signal as much as possible.  
I hope to be on island for the WPX CW and to put in a full effort for that 
weekend. I will be living in KH2 for atleast the next 2 years, hopefully 
more, and I plan to put KH2 on the air in as many contests as possible while 
I'm here.

73, Dave n2nl/kh2

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