[3830] KI1G 1998 WPX SSB M/S

Rick Davenport rickday at IDT.NET
Mon Mar 30 22:41:27 EST 1998

Here is the down and dirty, I will post the breakdown when I get the
file out of the other computer.

KI1G M/S KI1G,K1NG,K1SD op's.

3033 Qso's X 884 Mults = 8.371 M

Super Asian opening Sunday Morning on 20 with lots of good stuff calling 
in like XU2, 3W6, JT1, V63, DU1, DU100, BV2, BV4, VR2, BY1, BY4, BA4 and 
lots of other goodies.

This was followed by the best 15 meter run I have had, nearly 700 q's 
Sunday Morning, mostly Europe with (4) HS0's, (2) HS1's and a ton of 
YB's over the pole.

Thanks to all for the contacts.

73 Rick/KI1G

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