[3830] WE9V WPX 20M Part Time

Chad Kurszewski WE9V Chad_Kurszewski at csg.mot.com
Tue Mar 31 09:27:09 EST 1998

                             CQ WPX SUMMARY SHEET
    Callsign Used : WE9V
     Station Used : W9JA (ex-KS9K)
         Operator : WE9V

         Category : SO HP 20M ONLY

        Team/Club : Society of Midwest Contesters

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Prefixes   

   20SSB     627         627       1118      388 

 Totals      627         627       1118      388 

    Final Score = 433,784 points.

Operating Time :  ~ 8 hours  Friday nite/Saturday Morning

Couldn't bring myself to do a full effort in this gorgeous weather.
I socialized with Paul for several hours in the late morning then
went home and worked on my new house all weekend.  Wearing shorts
in Wisconsin in March kicks butt!!

I was also able to socialize with my neighbors.  When I told them about
my plans for the 100' tower, her response, "What ever trips your trigger,
you go ahead and do it."

"Can I drive the concrete truck up your yard?"
"Do whatever you need to do.  If you need to borrow anything, let us
know, it's yours."

My kind of neighbors!!

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