[3830] WPX-7MHz UN7LG

Pavel Pershin un7lg@postbox.kst.kz
Sun May 31 23:42:14 EDT 1998

WPX-UN7LG  Paul Pershin
Single Op Sinsle Band High Power

Total Score :   7MHz
710 QSO
3692 points
374 Prefix
3692 X 374 =1,380,808

Rig:FT-1000D  +  800 wtts
Antenna: 2el Hy-Gain About 42mtrs(130 ft)

First WPX on 40m,bad conditions the first day,little QSO
with JA and low activity stations of Europe and so little QSO in my score. 
The May is bad time for QSO with NA from Kazakhstan and
Thanks KQ2M,K1ZM,K3ZO,WT2Q for good QSO on 40 m 

73 ! UN7LG Paul

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