[3830] EU Sprint K2PS

Pete Stafford mxyztplk at waterw.com
Sat May 16 21:44:31 EDT 1998

   EU Sprint 1998

     Call used: K2PS                                           Location: NJ

     Category: Single Operator            Mode: CW             Power: 750W

     Callsign of Operator: K2PS


     Exchanged Information: K2PS nr PETE

     Hours of Operation: 03:56

     band      QSOs     points

      80          0          0
      40          0          0
      20         73         73

     TOTAL       73         73

     Club or Team Name: Frankford Radio Club

     Comments: Limited because of propogation to 20 meters from USA, and
most stations went away by the third hour.  After that had to struggle with
stations not in the contest.

Actually, the toughest part was convincing EU Sprint stations that it was OK
to work someone outside of EU!

Had fun, though.

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