[3830] TQP N5NU

Jason Goldsberry n5nu at inu.net
Tue May 26 17:36:27 EDT 1998


    Contest Dates : 23-May-98, 24-May-98

    Callsign Used : N5NU

         Category : SINGLE OPERATOR (FIXED)

 Default Exchange : 59(9) NACOGDOCHES

   BAND   Raw QSOs 	    Valid Q's     
   80CW       11                   
   80SSB       0		                   
   40CW        8           
   40SSB      84         
   20CW       67          
   20SSB     267         
   15CW       15          
   15SSB      17           
   10CW        1            
   10SSB      17          
   2FM	         31  
  Totals        518             505           108 Mults 

    Final Score = 120,696 points.

  TX Counties: 51   
  States:      42   (TX not counted)
  VE:           7
  DX:          8


 My log is a mess!  I discovered in the 6th or 7th hour of the contest that
my computer was giving me 42 minute hours.  Also, it refused to accept NE,
MI, WI, or any DX country as a mult.  The higher bands just weren't there
this time.  Prop. was really spotty.  Looks like majority of contesters
made a lot of Q's on 10.  Everything that I heard was weak and fluttery.

 Was nice to catch the 144 MHz opening in the morning, and ask lots of guys
for their county.  Even had two guys from FL come back to CQ's.  

  Hear everyone next weekend.  

73, Jason N5NU

n5nu at inu.net

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