[3830] W4PA: the slow agony of WPX CW

Scott Robbins srobbins at usit.net
Sun May 31 18:28:03 EDT 1998


921 x 441 = 1,190,259 claimed score.  Operating time = 18 hours. 

Club: Tennessee Contest Group

If this had been Sweepstakes weekend, the east coast would finally
have had their year to take the top ten.  Far and away the worst 
band conditions for a major contest in the last two or three years.  
I had intended to operate the whole 36 hour stretch; instead I gave
in after about 18 hours of operating.
I realized I'd had enough S&Ping on two radios when I took a break 
about 9 PM Saturday night and couldn't motivate to return to the 
radio room.  I was only on for about one hour on Sunday and 20m still 
sounded miserable.

Chalk it up to experience !  See you all in the IARU. 

Scott, W4PA 

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