[3830] Wo4o CQP 98 Claimed Score/Soapbox

Ric Painter wo4o at juno.com
Tue Oct 6 22:26:36 EDT 1998

                           CAL QSO PARTY SUMMARY SHEET

        Club : TN Contest Group

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

   80CW       10          10         30       0 
   40CW       52          52        156       0 
   40SSB      33          32         64       0 
   20CW       43          43        129       0 
   20SSB      88          88        176       4 
   15CW       82          82        246       1 
   15SSB     111         111        222       5 
   10CW       67          65        195       4 
   10SSB     325         320        640      44 

 Totals      811         803       1858      58 

    Final Score = 107764 points.  17+ hours of playtime.

 Soapbox:  Had I known how close I was to the TN record for this
           game I may have played longer, harder and smarter;
           but, nevertheless, I had FUN as usual.  There were
           other unknowns, too.  TR Log wasn't correctly track-
           ing Mults worked, so I played this entire game not
           knowing which Counties I needed!  Actually, it was
           kinda fun flying by the seat of my pants.  Later, I
           realized the misconfiguration of TR Log was due to
           my copying the TN QSO Party file and forgetting to
           edit it.  Duh.  I could've manually tracked the 
           Mults, of course, but it just didn't seem to be that
           important.  After 500+ Qs, a good night's rest and 
           before going to Sunday school, I reconfigured the log.
           After church, I re-entered the game and TR Log worked
           fine for the remainder of the playtime.  However, I 
           had only a partial picture.  2/3 of my log was in a
           different format.  Now I need to decide whether it's
           worth the bother to edit the bulk of my log to make 
           it match the final 1/3 format that tracked correctly.  
           Ughhh!  My post game activities indicated that a
           sweep was made on Q #373 @ 2335Z (TU W0EAX/6 Yolo),
           less than 8 hours into the game.  10-m was HUMONGOUS!
           51 Mults were worked on 10-m.  While avoiding DX was
           a challenge, this was the first time in years that 
           I've worked a JA on 10-m.  Lots of EU, VK/ZL and AF.
           TCGers heard: W4CAT, K4LTA, W9WI and K0EJ.  .-  .-.

73, Ric - Wo4o (ex WA6KUI)
              wo4o at juno.com

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