Robert Nash rtnash at netcom.ca
Mon Oct 26 10:47:05 EST 1998

    Callsign Used : VE3KZ

    Category : 15 M Single Band Single Op HP

   BAND   Valid QSOs   Points   Countries   Zones
 15SSB    1788             4787       140           35
 Totals     1788             4787       140           35

    Claimed Final Score =    837,725 points.

 Average points/QSO  2.68    Operating time 32 hours


 TS950-SDX + AL-1200X 1 kW
  15m 5el @23m
  40m Dipole @18m

Remarks: The Auroral event was pretty noticeable here with only SM2EKM being
far enough north to sneak under the curtain. The rest of Scandinavia had to
wait for the next day, as did the Russians except for a RN6 who was far
enough south to skirt the problem. It was interesting to operate in parallel
with the VE3EJ (MM) who is within line of site across lake Ontario. Came
close enough to their 15m score to feel I had done well. Lali, VA3RU, did
very well as the main 15m operator, and those 3 5el stacked beams, passing
mult's, packet, and relief operators were stiff competition!

Historical note. It was 20 years ago in 1978 that VE3KZ won the SSB MM
category for Canada, a record that lasted for 10 years. One of the 20 metre
operators was VE3AKG now better known as VE3EJ. I also notice that my first
CQWWDX award was from 1955 (VE3BHS then). Time flies.

73 Bob VE3KZ , older, wiser, but not faster!

PS - Here's a look at the picture from here on 15:

      Continent List  CQWWPH98 VE3KZ QSO'S/CONTINENT

  USA calls    420
  VE calls        36
  N.A. calls      49
  S.A. calls       74
  Euro calls    964
  Afrc calls      42
  Asia calls      17
  JA calls       170
  Ocen calls    16

  Total calls 1788

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