[3830] W7WHY CQWW SSB Test

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Mon Oct 26 22:30:48 EST 1998


Callsign: W7WHY
Country:  United States
Mode: SSB
Class: SO/HP

      160        0        0      0       0  Inverted "L"
       80        0        0      0       0  Dipole at 80 feet
       40        4        6      3       3  3 phased verticals
       20       75      218     14      35  Homebrew 3 el. mono.
       15       67      188     17      26  Homebrew 2 el mono.
       10       30       83     11      12  Single delta loop

     Totals    176      495    45      76  =>  59,895
 All exchanges were 59(9).
 Equipment Description: FT-840, FL-2100B (sometimes)
Boy, Murphy struck with a vengence this weekend. Started out pretty well
Friday night, but when I got up Sat. morning, things changed.  The rotor
was stuck to JA, and couldn't get it to turn.  Finally found a broken
rotator wire about halfway up the tower.  Fixed that and then the amp
wouldn't work. Everytime I got up to about 250 watts, it would trip out
and shut down.  Then the tuned input on 20 quit working.  SWR was 5 to 1
and and adjusting it made no difference.  Also found a grid bypass cap
on one of the tubes went south. Got that all back together, then I found
that I had no grid bias.  At that point I said to heck (or words of that
nature) with it and quit.  Everything worked
perfectly all week before the contest.  Oh well, there's
always next year!!
 Club Affiliation: Southern Oregon DX Asc. (SODA)
 I operated without cheating and followed all the rules.
 Tom W7WHY

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