[3830] K0GQ WPX ssb M/S

Steve Lufcy km0l@tfs.net
Thu Apr 1 02:10:39 EST 1999

                                 CQ WPX CONTEST
     Call used: K0GQ                                           Location:
     Category: Multi-Single Xmtr          Mode: PHONE           Power: 1000
     If multi-operator, show calls of all operators and loggers:
     K0OU, KB0RTH, KG0US 
     Exchanged Information: K0GQ RST nr
     Hours of Operation: 13:27
     band      QSOs     points
     160          0          0
      80         35         64
      40         32        178
      20        138        306
      15        181        476
      10         63        178
     TOTAL      449       1202   X   289 multipliers  =  347,378
     Club or Team Name: Kansas City DX Club
     Comments: While I had manpower here I decided to take down the
antennas on the tower and put up my new F12 antenna. Ended up taking both
afternoons to complete the job, so we did not end up doing much operating-
and what operating we did was mainly off the vertical since everything else
was being worked on. Look out on CW tho- am now sporting new C4SXL which
has 2 elements on 40 meters, something I've never had! CU all in next one..
     I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations for
     amateur radio  in my country.  My report  is correct and true to the
     best of my knowledge.  I agree  to be bound by  the decisions of the
     CQ Awards Committee.
     Date_________ Signature_____________________________ Call____________
     Name: Steve Lufcy                     Call: K0OU  
           11020 E 72nd Ter
           Raytown, MO  64133
73 de K0OU Steve in KC

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