[3830] WH2/N2NL WPX SSB SOHP score

Dave Mueller n2nl at netpci.com
Thu Apr 1 08:03:21 EST 1999


80: 16
40: 127
20: 106
15: 872
10: 585
Total: 1706/513 2,710,692

Kenwood 930s, Ameritron AL80b, 3el tribander at 30', 40m dipole 37', 80m

Part time effort, about 15 hours on.  No reason to put in a full effort,
I had to get underway (USCG member) 2 hours before the contest ended.
2400z Sunday is actually 10AM Monday in this slice of the world.
   Enjoyed the pileups, and thanks to the 1000+ JAs who called in to keep
things interresting.  The European pileup Sunday morning (UTC time) on 15m
was a blast.  Once again 15m was my "money band", with good runs into
Europe and Stateside.  
   Hope I helped everyone out with the WH2 prefix.  Since my USA SOHP
record in the WPX CW will surely fall this year due to the new scoring,
Ill be back on in the WPX CW for a FULL ALL OUT EFFORT once again as
WH2/N2NL, this time gunning for the  oceania record.  Ill be also looking
for all the JAs once again in the JIDX HF CW contest in another week.
  QSL via W2YC, 100% reply direct or via the buro.

73, Dave KH2/N2NL (KH0 for the past 4 days)

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