[3830] M6T WPX SSB Multi Single Score

g4piq at blacksheep.org g4piq at blacksheep.org
Thu Apr 8 00:51:31 EDT 1999

                  CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST -- 1999

      Call: M6T                      Country:  England
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single


      160        0        0     0        0
       80      375      887   2.4      204
       40      489     2286   4.7      187
       20      981     2335   2.4      151
       15     1831     4807   2.6      455
       10      252      632   2.5       67

     Totals   3928    10947   2.8     1064  =   11,647,608

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Operator List: G4BAH, G4PIQ

Equipment Description:                  FT1000MP + PA.
                        80m             Delta Loop @ 23m
                        40m             402CD @ 24m
                        20/15/10        KT34XA @ 30m + TH5 @ 24m

A very casual effort from us at the work club station I'm afraid. Really just
a single op style effort with one radio, two ops, and several hours off time.
Neither of us were available all weekend so we just went on and had a bit of

Got to the shack about 4 hours before the start of the contest and
started to wind towers up and generally sort things out. Found the 160m
antenna was broken and it was going to stay that way, but then the site is
very noisy on receive on 160 anyhow. I did make a handful of QSOs on
160 on Sunday night on the 80m loop with the barefoot rig and tuner but
somehow CT failed to warn me that I'd broken the 10 minute rule, so those
have been marked as zero scorers.

Threw up a short beverage to try and improve 80m receive. It helped a little,
but didn't really work properly for some reason. However - found it very
hard to get a run going on 80 to North America anyhow - does anyone remember
if we were particularly weak on that band.

Was still plugging things together at 23:59, but managed to get running at
the start anyhow!

Excellent runs on 40m to the US on the first night, and also superb
conditions to JA on 15 the following morning - a long time since the JAs
have been there like that. However - 10 was disappointing - really not
strong into North America beyond W4 land on the Sunday.

Hope to see you all in some form for CW.

As usual - any comments remembering how the signal stood up are always useful
to worry us into improving things.

Incidently, the way the UK contest callsigns get allocated changed this year
and instead of having a number which increments year on year, we had the
opportunity to pick the one we liked. So M6T is the call for the 
G0KPW/M6T/M7T/M8T team from now on.


Andy, G4PIQ
g4piq at blacksheep.org

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