Dave Mueller n2nl at netpci.com
Mon Apr 12 07:15:00 EDT 1999

1999 JIDX HF (high band) CW
KH2/N2NL  Single op, High power

10m: 279 QSOs 44 Prefectures
15m: 198 QSOs 45 Prefectures
20m: 143 QSOs 41 Prefectures

Total: 620 QSOs (899 QSO pts), 130 Prefectures, 116,870 claimed score

Kenwood 930/Ameritron AL80B, 3el tribander at 30'

Very slow going, and very limited activity.  About 16 hours of operating
time broken by household chores, a 3 hour island wide power outtage, and
getting recalled back to work to catch some more illegal Chinese immigrants
trying to come into Guam (I'm active USCG on a patrol boat; this is the
12th case of smugglers trying to bring people into Guam by boat over the
past 6 months)
  See everyone in the WPX CW as WH2/N2NL for a full SOAB effort.
73, Dave kh2/n2nl
n2nl at netpci.com
QSL via W2YC

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